WWE 2K17

Play as your favorite Superstar or create your own character to participate in different matches

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WWE 2K17 is a modern entry in the world of computer wrestling games. It gives you the freedom to play as some of the most beloved wrestlers from history. You can play as one of the more modern superstars or as your own brand new character. While not all wrestlers appear in this game, the chances are good that you'll find at least a couple you love.

Wrestling fans of all ages will love MyCareer mode, which takes the mode found in previous editions and adds some new features. MyCareer starts out asking you to design and create your own wrestler. You pick the body type, clothing, hair color, eye color, and other features to customize that character. While you can create a wrestler who looks just like you, you can also create one that combines elements of some of your favorite pros.

MyCareer takes you through the small matches that you do at the beginning of your career in warehouses and other locations with few guests in the crowd. As you win those matches, you'll unlock larger arenas, bigger crowds, and more difficult opponents. You'll eventually jump in the ring and wrestle against some of the top superstars of the modern era.

A new addition to MyCareer mode is a star rating. As you wrestle, the crowd will respond to you, which will change your star rating. Some may dislike this addition because it requires that they keep an eye on the audience at the same time that they control their characters. Watching the crowd will give you an idea as to whether they like or dislike you. The more the crowd responds, the more features you'll unlock.

WWE 2K17 also comes with a mode that lets you play as a manager. Instead of wrestling, you control the career of an up and coming wrestler. The game even lets you cut promo videos that include moves from the ring that will help grow the reputation of your wrestler. This mode takes the place of the Showcase mode used in previous editions.

This WWE game does not come with as many historical elements and lacks a number of the classic characters you expect to see in a wrestling game. As it features more modern characters, WWE 2K17 is best for current fans of the sport.


  • Comes with a new feature that lets you make your own promos
  • Features some of the top current and older wrestlers
  • MyCareer mode lets you start your wrestling career at the very bottom
  • Has a star rating that shows you how the crowd feels about your performance
  • Includes all the exciting action of real WWE matches


  • Focuses a little too much on working the crowd than wrestling
  • Timing your moves is often tricky
  • Is a little too detailed and involved for casual wrestling fans
  • Lacks some of the classic characters found in older WWE games
  • Has a number of cut scenes before matches that you may not like

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